Serenity Landscaping LLC - Landscape Installation and Restoration for Leelanau County and Beyond!
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Serenity Landscaping, LLC provides the following services to our residential and commercial clients:

Stone Plants

Landscape and Hardscape Restoration:

Are you unhappy with your retaining wall? Has your landscape fallen into disarray after a long winter? Restoration of landscapes and hardscapes is our speciality. Anything from a simple touch-up to a full revamp are well within our area of expertise.

Landscape Design and Installation

Have you a driveway island overrun with unsightly weeds? Are the beds around your house overgrown and in need of attention? Allow us to put our green thumbs to work for you, clearing the underbrush, placing landscape netting, planting and irrigating new plantings and increasing the beauty of your landscape!

Stone Walkway

Hardscape Design and Installation

If you have an old cement path that has fallen into disrepair, or an area where a walkway would be ideal, we would love to design and install a new pathway, a new natural stone (or concrete) retaining wall, and repair and renovate an existing one.

Spring and Fall Landscape Clean-Up

Every Spring, as the snow melts and our community hesitantly opens the front door, we're always greeted with the same thing: Overgrown perennials, mulch that has migrated from its beds into the yard, gravel plowed into the grass... a nightmare for some, but not for us! Our Spring Clean-Up service is second to none, because we can cover all the bases to get your landscape looking immaculate!

In the fall, our Fall Clean-Up service includes raking and disposing of leaves, pruning plants and perennials in preparation for winter, brush removal, and even transplanting.

See our Gallery section for examples of new installations and renovations and call (231) 668-1418 for a free consultation!

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